The Center

What We Do

All necessary medical checkups and services are provided to our malnourished children. The Center has partnered with public health services to provide medical services to the children, their families and the community at large. The Center has a partnership at the local clinic. On staff at the Center we have a social worker and fully operational laboratory for testing and data collection.

Twice a year, the children of the Center and the surrounding community of La Saona are offered free preventative dental care. All children and their families are provided with sealants and flouride treatments. Over the last 15 years this quality care, including dental education (no chicklets, sugar cane or sugary drinks), along with regular cleaning and prevention, has led to a sharp decrease in cavities.

Our deepest gratitude to Forsythe Kids, Dr. Michael Pelligrini, D.M.D., and Dr. Joan Horgan, D.M.D., for their continuous dental donations.  A huge thank you to the Belmont Hill Club for their endless supply of tennis balls. Each child who receives dental attention is rewarded for their bravery with a tennis ball.